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Where to send knitted baby clothes

Whether you’re a parent with some knitted baby clothes that don’t fit anymore or you’re an individual that just loves knitting, there’s plenty of places that require knitted baby clothes. Normally around winter time, organisations ask for any knitted clothing that they can use for babies. There are multiple places that need these items.

Items that are usually required include baby hats, socks, and blankets. However, if you have other items you are willing to donate, it’s always great to ask the organisation if they need them too. Donating knitted baby clothes is a way you can help your community as there are plenty of people that need them.

During times where organisations aren’t asking for knitted items, it’s a good idea to give them a call to ask if you can still donate items. They may still take the items and hold them for when they’re needed or ask you to donate in a time when they require them. 

When you donate items, make sure they are freshly washed. It can be hard to wash knitted items, find out how you can here.

We’ve made a list of places that would be willing to take knitted baby clothes.

Local Children’s Charity or Centres

In the majority of towns and cities, there will be children’s centres that help families who are in need of clothing. If you’re not sure if there is a centre like this in your area, do a bit of searching and there will most likely be one near to you. 

These centres really appreciate donations of knitted baby clothes as parents who are struggling with new babies can go here to get support. 

knitted baby clothes

Local Food Banks (they take clothes too!)

Although most people think these are just for food donations (subject to the name), they also appreciate donations of clothing too. If you’re not sure whether your local food bank takes clothing donations, you can either contact them or head down to the location to ask if they would like them. 

Women’s Aid Charity - perfect for baby clothes & blankets

This organisation does not always need donations but you can contact them to see how you can help. Knitted baby clothes are so important here as Women’s Aid supports women who have had to leave their homes and may have very young children.

Homeless Shelters/Hostels

These are also great places to donate used or knitted baby clothes to. Whilst helping people with accommodation and food, they can also provide baby clothing to parents who have young children to look after.

Your Local Hospital - knitted items during the winter

Whether it’s for premature babies or babies that require clothing, hospitals are willing to take donations. Again, it’s important to contact them to find out their needs at that current time. 

Your donations can help babies get the warm clothing they need and also help organisations give more support to people that need it. If you have any used or knitted baby clothing that you no longer need, consider donating to these places to help others. If you have knitted items that just don't look the same as they did before, we've got some great tips on how to freshen up and whiten your knitted baby clothes.

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