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Let me tell you a story....

Once upon a time there was a frustrated parent. A parent who became increasingly frustrated with the lack of choice available for baby clothes. High street shops were closing and frankly, the style of the clothes that were available were - pretty pedestrian.

Enter Iggly Wiggly Woo - that's the name we give to little babies in our household. We've had two. Although - they probably wouldn't like to be called it any more - even though we still might every now and again.

We're a boutique shop that provides parents with a more discerning choice of clothes. Call us a boutique if you like. We hand-pick from around the world, the clothing that we would want our kids to wear. Something that's a little bit different.

Dare to be different and make your iggly wiggly woo outstanding - by making them stand out a bit more than normal.

Iggly Wiggly Woo Ltd
86-90 Paul Street
t. +44 1223 650 018
e. [email protected]
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