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Moses Baskets VS Cots - What’s best for my baby?

When it comes to your new-born baby, it really is up to you whether you decide to use a Moses basket first or go straight to a cot. Both options are safe but it can be difficult to decide on what option you choose. Some parents prefer to use a Moses basket first to save money or space before investing in a cot. Whereas others may go straight to a crib as it’s more convenient and they already have the space to accommodate one.

In this blog, we will be talking about the pros and cons of Moses baskets and cots to help you decide what is best. We will also include some items for you to choose from and take a look at based on what we think are the best. 

It’s important to remember that all parents are different and you should choose your options based on what you’re comfortable with. If everyone you know has used Moses baskets first, don’t just buy one because you think it’s the right thing to do. Everyone has different circumstances and that’s why different options are available.

Why choose a Moses basket?

A Moses basket is better known as a smaller scale crib that can also be transported easily. Traditional Moses baskets are made from a wicker material and are lined with cotton inserts to keep your baby comfortable whilst they are in it. However, over time, companies have taken their own approach on the Moses basket and now plenty of options are available. These include baskets made with different materials as well as different shapes and designs.

Parents commonly choose Moses baskets because they are convenient. If you only have a small space to work with whilst your baby stays in your room, a Moses basket is perfect as they are much smaller than a standard cot. As well as this, they can easily be moved around the house to put your baby to sleep wherever you are. Their handles make it incredibly easy to carry down the stairs and have in the lounge instead of the bedroom.

Moses baskets are usually cheaper than cots, depending on the design you go for. If you are looking for a good budget option whilst your baby is in their early stages, a Moses basket is a great option.

Pros and cons of a Moses basket

There are things to consider when buying a Moses basket as they may not be the right fit for you and your baby. We’ve listed pros and cons to help you make your decision.


  • Lightweight and easy to transport around the house or if you’re travelling.
  • Can buy stands to make them more accessible for all parents.
  • Easy to place on a solid surface for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Great for space saving.
  • The snug-fit design will make your baby feel safer.
  • Inexpensive option for those on a budget.
  • Acts as a travel cot if you’re staying with friends or family overnight.


  • Some babies can find moving from a Moses basket to a cot challenging – one of the reasons parents use cots from birth.
  • A more expensive option early on.
  • Not ideal around toddlers – a Moses basket stand could easily be pulled over by a toddler and could injure both children.
  • Although they come with handles, they are not made to carry your baby around in as it could weaken the basket.

Moses baskets we recommend

Best for comfortability -

Mamas & Papas Welcome To The World Moses basket

Available for £99 from Mamas & Papas

If you’re looking for a super comforting Moses basket, this one from Mamas & Papas is perfect. You can easily see from looking at this basket that it’s warm and cosy for your little one. The frame of the basket is a wicker material which is covered with a unique style liner that supports and cocoons your baby. This can easily be removed to wash if needed.

What makes this Moses basket unique is firstly, it comes with comfortable embroidered elephant bedding which you’d usually have to purchase separately when buying a Moses basket. Secondly, this Moses basket is designed to be comfortable for both parent and baby. The straps are made with a comfortable polyester material that it much easier to carry than the standard wicker handles. We think this Moses basket looks so snug that even we wouldn’t mind sleeping in this!


Best for budget -

Kinder Valley Down Moses Basket

Available for £26.45 from George (Asda Range)

Last but definitely not least, we have the cheapest Moses basket on our list. This is the perfect Moses basket if you’re in a rush to get one and don’t have a lot of money to spend. Its unisex design is perfect as it doesn’t mean searching around for one that’s right for your baby. The design includes a soft padded design around the sides to protect your baby at night.

We love that the whole basket is completely washable. The bedding and mattress can easily be thrown into the washing machine whilst the basket can be wiped down when there’s any accidents! The hood is also fantastic as it can be adjusted to how much you want to cover your baby – perfect for when the sun is shining in. This Moses basket doesn’t come with a stand but it can be bought separately.


Best for features - 

Purflo PurAir Moses Basket in Soft Truffle

Available for £149 from Pushchairexpert

If one of your biggest worries is that your baby is going to get too hot, this is a perfect Moses basket. It comes with a mesh mattress which is fully breathable along with mesh side panels to allow air to flow through as your baby sleeps. The Moses basket has a beautiful quilted design and comes with 3 hanging toys and a small speaker that plays sounds and soft lullabies. As well as this, it also glows. This Moses basket is great for sensory development.

The stand offers more than what we’ve seen with other ones. Firstly, its design means it’s incredibly sturdy and will not fall over if knocked. Secondly, it comes with a large storage basket underneath, the perfect place for clothing or nappies. We think this basket deserved a place on our list because of the number of features it offers. Also, for £149, this is a great price for something that can do so much.


Why choose a cot?

Like a Moses basket, a cot can be used from the day your baby is born. However, the differences are quite big. Firstly, the sizes of both items are very different. A cot is designed to accommodate your baby from the day they are born up until they are a toddler. For this reason, a cot needs to be bigger to fit your child in throughout their development.

A lot of parents find that by using a cot from day 1, their baby sleeps easier during their development. Moving your child to new environments during their development can unsettle them and can make it much harder to get them into a sleep routine again. 

Also, a cot can make it much easier to plan ahead. Before your baby is born, you can already have their nursery fully set up and ready to go. This saves time in the future. For example, when you have a Moses basket, you may delay setting up your baby’s nursery until they need it.

Pros and cons of a cot


  • Found in most furniture and department stores.
  • Multiple different designs and colours to choose from.
  • Safe place to sleep.
  • Gives parents their own space.
  • Allows baby to be a bit more dependent and learn to self soothe quicker.


  • Slightly bigger and may not be suitable for parents’ room.
  • Harder to store for future children.
  • Some parents think their baby looks lost in a cot because of its size.

Cots we recommend

Best for long use – 

Graco Benton 4-in-1 Cot

If you’re looking for a cot that will last your little one from birth all the way up to when they need a toddler bed, this is perfect. This item transforms from a cot, to a toddler bed, a daybed and finally, a full-size bed. This accommodates your child as they grow bigger.

This cot has been tested to meet all British safety standards and is guaranteed to be safe for your little one during their development. The cot is made from high-quality pine wood to ensure a sturdy structure.

We love this cot because of its multiple functions and the amount of time it lasts. This cot can save you a lot of money for the future and saves you time having to look for a new bed for your child. 

Please note that a mattress will need to be bought separately for this cot.


Best for budget –

IKEA Sniglar Cot

If you’re looking to save some money on your baby’s cot, this one from IKEA is perfect. For just £40, your baby will sleep safely and comfortably throughout the night. The base has been tested to ensure it gives all of the support it needs to. It’s also great for air circulation which allows your baby to regulate their temperature easily as they sleep.

We love this cot because of its simple design and great price. We know that not all parents can afford high-cost cots and instead need something to suit their budget. With this cot, you don’t lose out on quality just because the price is lower. Coming from a well-known furniture store, you can rest east knowing that your baby is in a safe environment.

Please note that the mattress and bed linen is sold separately.


Best for practicality – 

Drop-down Cot Bed

We think it’s really important that your baby’s cot is accessible for you and that you feel comfortable working with it. It can be awkward for some parents when either putting down or getting their baby out of the cot. This is because the frame of the cot is quite high to protect your baby, but can cause discomfort when you’re having to reach into it.

We love this cot because it offers a solution to this. This cot has a drop-down rail in which it makes it much easier to put your baby in or get your baby out of their cot. Soe parents are sceptical about drop-down rails but we can assure you that this one is incredibly safe for you and your baby.

Please note that the mattress isn’t included with this cot.


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