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Can Premature Babies Wear Clothes?

So when can premature babies wear clothes? It’s a common question among parents who have a premature baby - can prem babies wear clothes? If they can, when can they begin to wear them? An early birth is often an unexpected event and can leave parents in a hurry to do the right thing. The day that your little one can leave NICU. As emotions run high, at last, the moment tiny baby clothes can finally be worn by your preemie is one of the best. However, before this can happen, your baby may need to reach some goals.

We understand that having a premature baby is a scary and uncertain time. However, the best thing to do is not panic. With support from you and medical professionals, your baby will receive all of the help he or she needs to fight through. We are here to offer advice to make this time a little bit easier for you. There are so many questions that will be left unanswered in your head, we hope that our advice can help answer some of those.

When can I dress my baby in premature baby clothes?

Unfortunately you cannot dress your prem baby straight away. This can be heartbreaking for parents but it's all for a good reason. Be patient and the time will come.

There are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration before you start dressing your premature baby. These factors are purely to keep your baby safe. Whilst in the hospital, you will receive the best advice from nurses and doctors on when you can dress your little one. Factors that we know are important include:

  1. Your baby’s skin can take a little while to fully develop, depending on how premature they are. Ask your doctor for advice on how long this will take in order to protect your baby’s delicate skin.
  2. It’s common that when premature babies are incubated, they are often just dressed in just a nappy. Hospitals prefer to do this as it allows them to see and access the chest of the baby easily.
  3. If your premature baby requires an umbilical line, this has to be removed before they can be dressed in premature baby clothes.

If your premature baby has reached all of the milestones above, you should still consult with your doctor to find out if it’s safe to start dressing him or her. Your little one will be extremely delicate and you want to do everything you can to protect them. It's important to remember that this advice is all for a good reason.

Dressing your baby is something that all parents look forward to, but you must give it time to allow your baby to develop properly. Watching your baby grow and develop will make this day even more special.

premature baby clothes

What can I dress my premature baby in?

It’s much more common now for stores to stock premature baby clothes. However, not all premature babies are the same, different circumstances can mean you need to stay away from certain items of clothing. The best people to ask regarding your baby's circumstances are the medical professionals looking after him or her. They will be able to advise you on what's best for your baby whilst they monitor and check them regularly.

There are multiple places that now offer premature ranges. Many supermarkets have started stocking preemie clothing at the shops closest to hospitals or specialist Neo natal units. These are places that specialise in looking after premature babies to give them the best possible care and support for their parents.

We’ve listed some common items below for premature babies, please check with your doctor before dressing your baby in any item.

Hats - Heat escapes from the head and the feet. Hats are great for premature babies to keep them warm whilst they develop. These are great for whilst your baby is in hospital as they are monitored you and hospital staff 24/7. However, it's advised that when you take your baby home, they should only wear a hat when they are awake.

This is because there can be a risk of the hat coming off during sleep and falling over the baby's face. You can also ask nurses for advice on this.

Boots - You may find that boots are quite hard to keep on your baby’s tiny feet. However, they look extremely cute and can be worn by even the smallest of babies. These aren't necessary, but are an item you can buy if you feel that your baby would benefit from them.

They also don't get in the way when your baby is being checked by doctors or nurses.

Baby-grows and Bodysuits - These are great as they’re easy to put on and take off when needed - perfect for your tiny baby. Bodysuits are better for babies who do not have umbilical lines and whose skin is fully developed.

These outfits are perfect for when your baby is in hospital as well as when you take them home. Keep them snuggly and warm wherever they go.

Sleep-suits - Sleep suits are different to baby grows as they also cover the feet. These are perfect for overnight stays in hospital or when you’re taking your baby home. They come in. A few different designs depending what is best for your baby. If your little one is hooked up to monitor wires, a button design is much better as the wires can go through the gaps. In other cases, a zip design may work better.

premature baby clothes

The benefits of premature baby clothing in hospital

There are many benefits that come with dressing your baby when they’re in a hospital environment. They may look totally adorable, but there’s many other good things that come along with premature baby clothes.

For new parents, it can make them feel more involved with their baby. Depending on how premature a baby is, he or she can sometimes spend a long period of time in an incubator. This can sometimes make the parents feel isolated from their baby. By dressing them and carrying out tasks like washing their clothing, they’re more involved in the process.

Secondly, parents enjoy the experience of dressing their little one as it adds personality and character. The experience is something that parents wait for from the day they find out they’re pregnant. This is where parents can make the decisions as to what they'd like to dress their baby in and it's great for bonding. There are many options to choose from with baby clothing - you can even go down the gender-neutral path.

And most importantly, dressing your baby makes everything feel real. When you add your own personal touch to them, they no longer look like all the other babies in hospital, they look like yours and they belong to you.

premature baby clothes

Using Hats or Blankets To Keep Baby's Temperature Stable

It’s extremely important that your baby’s temperature is kept regulated. Clothing can help your baby retain heat and avoid cold drafts or surfaces. You can find clothing that is made with thinner materials to ensure your little one doesn’t get too hot.

If your baby becomes overheated or too cold, it can pose risks to their health which are even more critical during prematurity. Purchase the correct clothing to suit your baby's needs and watch the develop and grow.

Overall, it’s essential that you wait until your baby is fully developed until you choose to start dressing them in premature baby clothes. The advice from nurses and doctors can help you determine when this may be. After your baby reaches all of their milestones, you can be blessed with the experience of dressing your little one in some adorable outfits.

If you're looking for places to buy premature baby clothes, there are plenty of shops that offer great ranges. Take a look at our other blog - Where can I get premature baby clothes?

We hope that our advice has helped make things a little bit easier whilst you watch your premature baby grow up. Although some parts of your baby's life may be more difficult than others, make the most of all of them. You would have heard for the majority of parents that their children have grown up so fast - don't waste time and enjoy every moment, even if its over the smallest thing.

Having a premature baby is one of the biggest fears for a lot of parents. But, after your baby has gone through such a fight to get to a healthy condition and weight, you'll love them even more than you ever thought you could. As brilliant parents, your baby will be able to fight anything that comes their way with your amazing support. Just remember, you're doing a great job.

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